February 23, 2023

How much we saved businesses in January through graffiti removal

Our Street rangers have been busy throughout January starting 2023 in a great way.

One of the responsibilities of our Street Rangers is to remove Graffiti from the town centre wherever possible. Graffiti removal assists with our objective to make Huddersfield a safe and attractive place.

During January, Street Rangers completely removed the Graffiti from 21 locations.
The total cost to remove the Graffiti from these locations was £1852

In total, we saved businesses £1852 in January. This is the amount it would have cost to remove the Graffiti that we did during January.

Our graffiti removal service is free to Levy Payers, as it’s part of the service we provide from levy. Businesses can call us any day of the week to notify us of Graffiti that needs removal, and our Street Rangers will book a site visit for removal.

  • 21 Location attended to remove Graffiti
  • £1852 worth of Graffiti removed in January