Huddersfield BID are steering Huddersfield Town Centre businesses towards a Dementia-Friendly Town.

“How a society treats its most vulnerable is always a measure of its humanity”.
Matthew Rycroft (Ambassador of the UK Mission)

Huddersfield BID are working towards making the town centre a dementia-friendly place, with businesses playing a key role in promoting the independence of those with dementia as well as encouraging and inviting them to visit businesses. Sam Sharp, BID manager comments, “The lockdowns have made life even harder for those living with Dementia and their carers, causing them to feel more isolated and nervous about leaving their homes. It is vitally important that the quality of life for both carers and those living with Dementia is as good as possible. Huddersfield BID are making it our mission to help Huddersfield BID zone become dementia-friendly”.

Businesses demonstrating the understanding and accessibility to those with dementia and their carers/loved ones, businesses provide a safe environment for those affected to continue some daily and social routines. The BIDs first action will be to provide training for all the BID team, to gain awareness of what we can do every day to make a journey into Huddersfield easier for those living with dementia as well as the carers. We will then be coordinating with the Kirklees Dementia Hub to advise and assist where possible, supporting BID zone businesses in becoming Dementia friendly. Sam Sharp further comments “We aim to make Huddersfield accessible for all and enjoyed by everyone, so we can all grow and achieve together”.

To join us in this journey and request support for your business fill out the quick form here.

Facts About Dementia

– 1 in 14 aged 65 and over people affected by dementia and it is predicted that by 2040, 1.5 million of the UK population will have a diagnosis.
– Dementia does not only affect the person diagnosed but their carers and loved ones as well and living with the diagnosis can be a worrying time. It is possible to remain independent with dementia for longer but to do this, requires the help and support of local communities to become dementia-friendly.

Living with dementia can make a usual routine or visit such as to a local coffee shop or retail store, anxiety-provoking and overwhelming so we often see individuals becoming isolated and withdrawing from these daily activities they otherwise enjoyed. By working to become dementia friendly, your business can provide some reassurance to those with dementia and their loved ones that will also encourage them to visit you.

By doing so, you are reaching a large portion of the population in Kirklees, increasing your business reach, accessibility and demonstrating that becoming dementia friendly as a community is possible!


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