Huddersfield BID announces new manager

Huddersfield BID are delighted to announce the new BID Manager Samantha Sharp, ready to start on the 7th of June 2021.

Huddersfield BID manager Samantha SharpSamantha comes with a strong management background, highly motivated and keen to continue the progression of Huddersfield BID. Samantha has played an important role in the Huddersfield business improvement district from the beginning, directing and steering the BID to continue its performances in achieving its 4 key objectives.

Chris Jennings, Huddersfield BID Vice Chair comments, “I am absolutely delighted that Sam will be joining us as our new BID Manager. Sam has a wealth of knowledge and experience from her varied career and ideas on how to improve Huddersfield; building on what has already been achieved which will be of great benefit to our community. Sam has been involved with the BID for a number of years now, from helping to establish the BID and achieving a ‘yes’ vote to more recently as an active Board Director. Sam’s passion for Huddersfield and her desire to see Huddersfield shine not just in the immediate local area but across the region stood out and this passion and determination is infectious. I and the whole Board of Directors look forward to working closely with Sam to see our shared vision for our Town come to fruition”.

With a passion to continue improving the town centre, Samantha is committed to achieving a noticeable difference to Huddersfield and its relationship with those who work, live and visit the town centre – giving the people of Huddersfield a town to be proud of.

Samantha Sharp Comments, “I believe with the continuation of determination and hard work from Huddersfield BID, our town centre will develop and its potential as a thriving town centre will once again be visible. We hide our greatness well, Huddersfield BID gives the town centre an opportunity to present all its fantastic offers such as architecture, history, fantastic food, wonderful retail and lovely welcoming people. Huddersfield is a vibrant town that has a lot to offer and having worked in Huddersfield, I know there is yet a lot to discover”.

Samantha is a fantastic people’s person with a huge character and professional background. The BID team are enthusiastic and looking forward to welcoming the new BID manager.

Huddersfield BID Chair, Daniel Krigers comments, “We’re delighted to have Sam on board as our BID Manager; Sam has been a very active and committed member of the group even prior to formal inception of the BID, and we have so much confidence in her ability to deliver our ambitious projects for the town centre, for our levy payers and the people of Huddersfield generally”.

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