How does sponsoring an event support your business?

According to marketing experts such as Freidman (2021) sponsorships are a financial tool, increasing competitive advantage. Most businesses sponsor exciting events because it is something their customers care about. Soapbox Races are something that has been traditionally popular for many years across the globe and continue to increase in participants and sponsorship deals. Sponsoring something your customers care about creates a positive feel about your brand as well as exposing your brand through multiple media channels.

Huddersfield BID would like to offer you a sponsorship opportunity with the Yorkshire Soapbox Race this year in Huddersfield Town Centre with expected mass media coverage. This is a great opportunity for you to get noticed at an event that will bring large footfall and press attention. You can find the sponsorship package click here.

Why sponsor?

Sponsorships allow businesses to target niche markets without too much expense. With the strategic sponsorship package deals we at Huddersfield BID have put together, it guarantees you an audience that needs your products and/or services, helping you drive sales with new customers and reconnecting with old and current customers.

Our strategic sponsorship strategy includes word-of-mouth marketing as well as mainstream digital marketing.  Your sponsor will create a positive interaction with the people attending, leaving them with positivity about your brand and continue to talk about the services or product you provide. With your branding on materials for the event, you have an additional opportunity to reach more customers.

This is a great opportunity for smaller companies to get involved too. Media coverage is generally rather expensive, however, when sponsoring a large local event, businesses can capitalise on the media presence of the event. Increasing the visibility of your products and services in a much more cost-effective marketing method.

We have a VIP sponsor deal offering an exclusive networking setting. Enhancing business, consumer, and VIP relationships. This allows for your business to take advantage of the event to meet key customers and solidify business relationships.

This event will be held in the heart of Huddersfield Town Centre and promises to be a day of thrills, entertainment, and high-speed fun. Traditionally, soapbox events attract thousands of spectators and raise thousands of pounds for charities. We currently have a good number of teams involved and our social media is alive with shares and mentions of the event. In this digital age your potential customers are online, and we can guarantee a mass online presence for those sponsoring the event.

The Yorkshire Soapbox Race, will be an all-day event and will bring the town to life, highlighting the historic Huddersfield Town Centre and all that it has to offer. We aim to increase footfall, dwell time and revenue into the town centre, as well as return visits.

Huddersfield BID have put together a selection of sponsorship packages, which we hope you will be interested in and can find here. Please contact Huddersfield BID if you would like to participate or sponsor the Yorkshire Soapbox Race at


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