Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please head over to our contact page to get in touch with a member of our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our vision for Huddersfield is shared with our levy payers and supporters. We aim to keep all stakeholders up to date with our movements and achievements. Please use our general FAQ section below to find information on Business Improvement District related questions. If you’re looking for information on our events, projects or levy payer benefits please visit the dedicated web pages for these. For any other questions please contact us here.
Our destination marketing website, Hello Huddersfield, brings in an average of 2,000 visitors per month. In January alone 1,180 people visited the website of the back of an organic Google search. Hello Huddersfield currently ranks for 1,200 different keywords, all of which are relevant to bringing people into the town centre. The purpose of a destination marketing brand is to promote a place. Hello Huddersfield has been achieving this online as well as through it’s social media channels.  In addition, we work closely with Kirklees council with their Blue Print Plans and will assist in coordinating the message of what is happening around the town when the works begin. All new businesses into the BID zone are celebrated and we welcome them with a visit and information pack on what BID can offer them. We work with other organisations to monitor footfall, commercial performance, parking statistics, customer perceptions and other key measures across the Huddersfield BID area and provide regular reports and performance updates for businesses. Specifically, we use our Solomon monitoring system to report issues around the town which have an impact on the look of the town as well as businesses. This information is then communicated to the relevant contacts in order to make changes and inform.

Graffiti removal is not part of the Huddersfield BID’s business plan and proposal. The Graffiti removal is carried out as part of a joint working partnership and joint funding of the TCSO team, who have a number of other duties within the town centre, to create a safe environment for businesses and visitors. We are not responsible for the removal of rubbish and as a BID we are funded to add above and beyond where the council’s responsibilities end. All key services such as rubbish collection and street cleaning are still the responsibility of Kirklees Council.

Our TCSO team began training in December 2021, to be able to remove some graffiti and jet wash some areas within the BID Zone. They are not responsible for public buildings and subways.

Before the BID, Huddersfield didn’t have:

  • A Hello Huddersfield Website, dedicated to promoting and celebrating all that Huddersfield has to offer. Kirklees council provides marketing support for the whole of Kirklees we promote Huddersfield specifically. 2,000 local users per month visit this website where each huddersfield business has its own profile listing. In 2021 the website had 30,000 visitors.
  • An organisation that liaise effectively with businesses, stakeholders, visitors and Kirklees Council to promote Huddersfield, work towards making the town attractive and safe
  • A managed Town Safety Support team
  • The two BID team members work 95 hours a week (Sam about 55-57 and Sherree 40) between them over 7 days and are available everyday due to their new phone connection system.
  • This year we have planned 50 workshops and stakeholder meetings
  • 29 events and footfall generating competitions 
  • Created and opened a tourist information shop, selling Huddersfield related products and providing vital retail space for small artisan retailers. This space celebrated Huddersfield and all that it has to offer as well as promoting other services available in Huddersfield
  • Provided a free conference and meeting space for Levy payers
  • Currently working on It’s Business scheme to save Levy payers money on their overheads and everyday expenses.

Steps we take to ensure as much BID money as possible is put directly towards meeting our goals:

  • We do not have cleaners for the new BID offices, we clean the toilets and office ourselves to save money 
  • We recycled all of the furniture and fixtures for the new retail space and shabby chic it ourselves to save money.
  • We run and manage the BID events we organise to save money on staffing