Fabulous Female

In March, we celebrated Women’s History Month with a Fabulous Female competition. We wanted to give credit to local women by creating a social media based competition with a luxury-prize hamper up for grabs. 

The ‘fabulous females’ were nominated through tags in the comments of the original post- Huddersfield BID then picked a name at random and arranged to pass on the prize. We saw plenty of engagement from the competition as well as plenty of positive interaction which fulfilled our original incentive to shine a light on heroic local women.

Our winner, Eileen, was known for helping out around Huddersfield by litter picking in all weathers- it was a wonderful way for us to give back to someone who had contributed so much to our town.

The luxury hamper prize was made up of locally bought goods from levy-paying stores, allowing us to support businesses in the area whilst the competition took place.

Here’s a breakdown of post performance on social media:

Number of nominations: 37

Number of likes through social media in total: 31

Total reach of the original post: 3136

Total number of engagements: 164