Easter Egg Hunt

By creating a family-friendly campaign that increased exposure to local businesses during the Easter school holidays, we were able to drive traffic into the town centre and create an easily accessible easter fun day for those in the area.

We placed 10 giant eggs around town and gave participants the task of locating all of them- with help from our ‘trail map’ which gave clues to their whereabouts. Those that discovered all 10 destinations were rewarded with their very own Easter egg.

We saw many participants get involved with this campaign and we were able to hand out ALL trail maps and easter eggs throughout the duration of it. We saw an increase in footfall to the businesses that took part and due to its success, it’s something that we’re keen to repeat next year.

We promoted our campaign through social media and through Huddersfield town centre media screens to gain a maximum amount of exposure.

How the campaign performed:

Businesses taking part: 10

Social media:

Total number of likes on Instagram: 83

Highest reach through Facebook: 2504 people

Best performing post engagement: 323