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Our story
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I am delighted to share with you our Business Plan for Huddersfield BID Term Two 2024-2029. Detailed within this plan will be mentions of our achievements in our first term, highlights and data to correspond with our objectives , as well as how we plan to move forward into our second term.

In April 2023, we consulted levy payers, non-levy payers and town centre visitors as to how Huddersfield BID term two should look. When offered the full selection of services we provide, we received a resounding YES to continue with our objectives including Street Rangers, Jet Washing, Graffiti Removal, Promotion of Huddersfield and Footfall Driving Events.

During our first term, we operated throughout the pandemic by helping our levy payers with their grant claims and updates on Covid legislation, adapted to changing high-street habits by offering technology-based loyalty schemes, responded to the cost of living crisis by creating a B2B discount scheme for Levy payers, and successfully managed town centre events whilst working around on-going developments in the town centre. Throughout this we maintained a high level of service, true to the values we set out to achieve in 2019.

Our large-scale town centre events; Huddersfield Comic Con – Get Your Geek On, HuddersFeast – Get Your Feast On and HuddersFeast Night Market, plus themed prize trails such as Easter Trail and Lego Trail, have marked Huddersfield as a place to visit; where unexpected, quirky, family-friendly events happen, accessible to all.
A Yes vote for Huddersfield BID means we continue to plan and deliver lively, exciting events that bring visitors in and encourage them to explore the full town’s offering.

Street Rangers

Graffiti Removal
Jet Washing
Street Patrolling
First Aid Assistance
Business Support and Assistance

When it comes to keeping the streets of Huddersfield looking their best, the Street Ranger Team plays an invaluable role. From early morning jet washing sessions to removing graffiti, they work tirelessly to make sure that town centre areas look their best.

The Street Rangers are equipped with high-pressure washers, allowing them to quickly and easily clean even the hardest-to-reach spots. Our Street Ranger Team works hard to ensure that pedestrians and visitors alike can enjoy clean and tidy streets. This comprehensive service is just one of the many ways that Huddersfield BID is helping to keep the town vibrant and inviting for everyone who visits.

Free training

We are delighted to offer our levy payers over 200 online training courses, all for free!

Training is available across various subjects to ensure teams around the town centre are equipped with the best skills and knowledge to compete in this ever-changing environment. Courses include:

  • Business Essentials
  • Leadership
  • Hospitality
  • Mental Wellness
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Compliance
  • Communication Skills
  • Project Management
  • Office 365

All training is online and held on interactive webinars to support busy and varying working schedules.

Register today – https://www.seedl.com/o/huddersfieldbid

Jet Washing

The Street Rangers work hard to keep streets within the Huddersfield BID Zone clean and safe.

Since May 2022, Huddersfield BID has saved businesses £92,905 on street cleansing costs.

If you would like areas of your business jet washing, please contact gavin@huddersfieldbid.co.uk.


Since May 2022, the Street Rangers have removed over 900 pieces of unsightly graffiti in the Huddersfield BID Zone.

Huddersfield BID is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and attractive Huddersfield. Graffiti removal is a key service we offer to enhance the overall visual appeal of public spaces, buildings and landmarks. It discourages further acts of vandalism and crime as it sends a message that the area is cared for and monitored.

If you would like us to remove graffiti from your business premises, please contact gavin@huddersfieldbid.co.uk.

Maintenance Services

Working in collaboration with Kirklees Council, Huddersfield BID has taken over the maintenance of wooden planters around the town centre. Work has been completed to de-weed, tidy, sand and stain all of the boxes to give them a new lease of life.

In October 2023, we planted over 3,000 bulbs of Daffodil, Tulip, Crocus and Anemone ready to bloom in Spring 2024.

Huddersfield BID is committed to the upkeep and maintenance of planters around the town centre and will be alternating the flowers and plants throughout the different seasons.


“We took part in Huddersfield Lego Trail 2023 which has been great for the business. Footfall for the store massively increased with people coming in to see the Castle Hill Lego model. As a result, a lot of people ended up browsing around the shop and many purchased items from us. We saw income increase in August (whilst the Lego trail was live) by 65% vs last year when we didn’t take part in the trail.”

Olivia Lambert
– Supervisor at Trespass

Smart Water

Huddersfield BID is funding SmartWater for use in the Huddersfield BID Zone. SmartWater is an effective forensic marking system that has been found to be more identifiable and accurate than DNA, making it an excellent deterrent against shoplifters and thieves.

The project sends a clear message to would-be shoplifters that we are fighting back. We understand the financial loss and damage that retail theft causes to hardworking businesses, which is why the SmartWater scheme is an important project that Huddersfield BID will continue to invest in.

If you would like to get involved in the SmartWater scheme, please contact gavin@huddersfieldbid.co.uk

Business Crime
Reduction Group

Our Business Crime Reduction Group is a chance to collaborate with Huddersfield BID, West Yorkshire Police and other local businesses.

It is an open forum where we discuss strategies, share insights and build a stronger network to help deter and prevent retail crime in Huddersfield.

For more details, please contact enquiries@huddersfieldbid.co.uk.

Meet the team

Sam Sharp Huddersfield BID Manager

“I previously worked in shopping centre management and operations as well as a wealth of retail, food, beverage and customer service roles. This knowledge and experience enables me to assist retailers and businesses within the BID zone and maximise the BID objectives.

Working for Huddersfield BID brings different challenges every day and no two days are the same, but I never wake up on a Monday Morning, dreading coming to work.

Huddersfield has a lot to offer the world and I am honoured to be able to help the Huddersfield BID Zone develop and move forward, within my role as BID Manager.”

Kirsty McConnell Administrator

My role as Huddersfield BID Administrator allows me to get involved with different areas of the Business and no day ever feels like it’s the same. Whether it’s helping the rangers install one of our gum balls, or planning the next project, I love being part of such a great team where everyone has an input and works as a collective to achieve the BID Objectives.

Gavin Wardle Operations Manager

“I enjoy working at Huddersfield BID because I can help keep Huddersfield safe for all local shoppers, tourists and businesses. I work as part of a wonderful team and help make a change to Huddersfield. There isn’t a day that’s the same here and everyday we are learning something new.”

Stephanie Vlamis Marketing Manager

“I truly enjoy my role. From developing creative projects and engaging with our wonderful community, to capturing the dedication and efforts of our Rangers in action showcases their commitment to making our town shine and bring the best of Huddersfield to life is both exciting and rewarding. The hard work and preparation that goes into planning our events from the amazing team I get the privilege of working with is incredibly fulfilling, and seeing everything come together for everyone in Huddersfield to enjoy is a real highlight!”

Derek Hubber Street Ranger

“Huddersfield BID has become a part of me, we are a great team, our roles vary every day. No day is the same, which keeps things exciting and interesting.”

Steven Johnson Street Ranger

“I really enjoy my role at Huddersfield BID, from jet washing to graffiti removal, I thrive in our tight-knit team—it’s like family. Each day presents new challenges, and our teamwork makes it all worth it. Together, we ensure our town stays clean and inviting for everyone.”

Joe Harris Street Ranger

“I love my job. Everyday I am able to meet new people and help visitors and businesses around the Town Centre . It could be anything from giving visitors directions to deterring crime and anti social behaviour. Everyday I feel like I’m doing something good for the community of Huddersfield.”

Mark Damms Street Ranger

“I love working with this amazing team. Every day is dynamic and different, from street patrols to supporting local businesses. Everyone on the team shows their dedication to our BID objectives to keep our town vibrant and safe.”

Meet the board

Hayley Higgins Chair of Huddersfield BID

“A YES vote for Huddersfield BID will mean more Ranger hours on the streets, more jet washing and graffiti removal and the continuation of fabulous events such as Get Your Geek On and HuddersFeast. Huddersfield town centre needs action and Huddersfield BID is the organisation to make that happen. They are accountable to levy payers and will work hard to meet their objectives for the second term. Without BID we lose all this. If not BID then no one! We need action, we need Huddersfield BID.”

David Amies Vice Chair of Huddersfield BID

“I have seen the changes that the BID have brought to the town centre and how they have worked with key stakeholders to improve the safety of Huddersfield town centre. A vote for Huddersfield BID means more jet washing, more graffiti removal, more events and the rangers are on our streets.”

Vernon O’Reilly Huddersfield BID Director

“We support the Huddersfield Business Improvement District; this service is vital to the continued growth of the town. If you look back at all the fantastic projects that the BID have completed during the last number of years to support businesses; its amazing the results achieved.”

Alasdair Brown Huddersfield BID Board Member

“Huddersfield is a fantastic place to live, a great town to work in and where there’s something for everyone to do in their leisure time, with the best Leisure Centre in the North of England located close to the town centre.

While there are some very positive developments planned over the coming years to regenerate the town, Huddersfield needs a bit of help to get back on its’ feet and the BID are the right people to help the town and the local community do this!

Whether it’s keeping the streets clean and tidy, organising some fantastic events to put the town on the map, helping people to feel safe with the amazing Street Rangers or simply telling people how good it is to visit Huddersfield town centre, the BID does it all.”

Graham Turner Huddersfield BID Board Member

“The last 4 years have seen Huddersfield BID go from strength to strength, It is now an integral part of keeping our town centre clean, safe and vibrant.”

Matthew Short Huddersfield BID Board Member
Craig Higgins Huddersfield BID Board Member

“I love Huddersfield. I am a nearby resident and often visit the town. It is an exciting melting pot of creative, individual people whose businesses are a real asset to the town. Huddersfield BID is and remains the catalyst for change in the town centre as part of the regeneration project, bridging all parties and being a strong voice for local business. I am pleased and proud to support the BID team by being a member of the board.”